We are passionate about what we do, and our goal is to help people

The main reason why Reta Al Alzheimer S.L. is born, is because we wanted to contribute with our ideas to a real problem, since we have also experienced this situation and we think we can add value compared to other proposals

A little Bit About Us

Reta Al Alzheimer S.L. was born in 2013, after three years of intense research in the Alzheimer’s field  and  after achieving a team of experts in different fields, needed to carry on the idea (technology experts, health professionals, business entrepreneurs, scientific board),

AlzhUp was born with a clear goal in mind: Our main focus is to offer a valuable service for those people leaving with Alzheimer’s and to their families and environment. We have suffered dementias in our families, we know what a family with this problem really need and we think we can contribute to offer something new for them.

That’s the reason why we are creating AlzhUp and this is just our starting point.

Our Skills

Knowledge of therapies for dementias


Art of Memory applied to EA


Expertise in e-health & m-health services


Gamification applied to services


Experience in technology innovation


I've always thought that when I'm older, I do not want to lose the quality of life that I have now. So I thought in AlzhUp, to continue giving quality of life for people with Alzheimer's.

Marcos Valenzuela, Alzherimer's Expert & Co-Founder

After many years in the Digital Industry, I fell in love the first time I knew about AlzhUp. It is exciting to know that today technology can really help people in the way they need, specially in this scourge that is Alzheimer's.

Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros, CEO & Co-Founder

Having lived a case closely, knowing that I have a real opportunity to cooperate in the fight against Alzheimer's, makes AlzhUp a joy for me.

Gerardo Ladron, CFO & Co-Founder
Awards Won
Families Helped
Therapist Collaborating
Supporting Partners

Our staff work really hard to make AlzhUp a real valuable service for people.

Our team members comprise experts in Alzheimer’s, therapist, psychologist , gamification experts and other important profiles, always with the focus of bringing people living with diseases the best service possible, adapted to their needs and economy.

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