AlzhUp Tools is a set of independent tools from AlzhUp Service that we put at your disposal:

While we develop AlzhUp Service, we have created different tools that may help you in different ways

What does AlzhUp Tools include?

Pre-Diagnosis Tool

The pre-diagnosis test is a tool designed and based on the most common test for dementias, like IQCODE & AD8, adapted to a digital format. Although it cannot be considered a full diagnosis for Alzheimer’s, it is an excellent tool to know if we should perform a more in depth test in order to have an early diagnosis of this dementia.

Pre-Diagnosis is also included in AlzhUp Service

GDS Test 

The GDS Test (Global Deterioration Scale Test) is a tool designed to check with people diagnosed  Alzheimer’s the evolution of the disease. It consists on 13 small exercises, measuring different cognitive abilities so as to determine the cognitive reserve of the person affected and establish the GDS level in which they are.

GDS Test allows to customize therapies in AlzhUp Service

More tools and features will be added to AlzhUp Tools. You can already try AlzhUp Tools, it is available on iOS & Android.