AlzhUp is a social-health service aiming to:

Delay Cognitive Impairment & Help Active Ageing

How does AlzhUp achieve its goals?

Using Validated Non Pharmacologic Therapies

AlzhUp puts in the hands of patients and professionals a powerful platform with different therapies. Each therapy is intended to attend different aspects of cognitive impairment, and offered in a proper ecosystem, so making the therapy is easy and productive for both patient and caregiver. What is more important, all our therapies are scientifically validated, ensuring their quality and results.

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Customizing your therapy

Using validated therapies is for sure important in our mission of delaying cognitive impairment. But, since you are special to us, we customize your therapy with your own memories. For example, listening music is  good, but what about listening your favorite song? The song of your favorite concert, or the one you listened when dancing with your couple… That is possible thanks to AlzhUp and your Personal Bank of Memories.

Personal Bank Of Memories

Promoting Active Participation

AlzhUp is not only for patients and caregivers. It is also for family and friends, since we know they are important and have a major role in your therapy. Dementias are a scourge of our age, but what about if we fight them together? And what about if we do it in a funny, simple, easy way, while learning from the dementia and winning prizes for the family? Yes, it is possible, thanks to AlzhUp.

Active Participation

Making it accessible to Family & Professionals

AlzhUp is available for family & professionals. Professionals are imperative to fight dementias (therapist, medical centers, day centers, etc.) and AlzhUp is a powerful tool to help in their daily job. That is why they can be certified in AlzhUp, to be able to use their knowledge at the service of patients. But AlzhUp is also for the family. Even if they are not health professionals, they can help their loved ones, and AlzhUp brings them this possibility.

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