Active Participation of Family & Environment is a must

Alzheimer’s implies a great problem in the heart of the family affected. However, it is very important that the family and environment fight together in an active way, and AlzhUp is here to help.


With the help of gamification, AlzhUp tries to leverage the difficulty of fighting against Alzheimer’s. We are aware of the problem that Alzheimer’s means not just for the patient, but also for the caregiver and family. With our proposal, we encourage you to fight this problem in a funny, easy and comprehensive way, avoiding the loose of contact with the patient.


Gamification for Alzheimer's

Games & Challenges

AlzhUp presents different games and challenges that the whole family can share. While playing games with family and caregiver, the patient exercises different cognitive areas with the participation of the family, so everyone can help while passing a good time. With the challenges to Alzheimer’s, family can help customizing the therapy, fighting against the disease in a funny way and collecting achievements.


We customize your challenges and games

Neuronites ©

While playing games and completing Alzheimer’s challenges, you obtain a special coin named “Neuronites “. With neuronites, you can have special offers inside and outside AlzhUp, like accessing to more games, or special awards (T-shirts, books, and many more things in the near future). Fighting Alzheimer’s is a complicated and challenging task and we want to reward you for this!


Use your neuronites at AlzhUp

Family & Environment Participation

Alzheimer’s is a great problem in a family. We are aware of this and with AlzhUp we try to leverage the charge of this problem, trying to give the family & environment a powerful tool to really understand the problem, face it and take active part in the best way possible, implying everyone, because everyone counts when a beloved one is suffering this dementia.


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