AlzhUp presents your Personal Bank of Memories

The place where you can store all of your important moments, experiences and memories, all gathered together at one click distance. With your Personal Bank of Memories, you can challenge Alzheimer’s !

Catalogue  memories with the Art of Memory

With AlzhUp, you can catalogue your memories with a unique and patented algorithm, which is based in the power of the Art of Memory, simulating the way your brain really stores your memories. This algorithm is based on three fundamental concepts:

  • History of Life
  • I am still here
  • Art of Memory

With this method of cataloguing your memories in your Personal Bank of Memories, the results of the therapy will boost, helping you delay cognitive impairment.

Art Of Memory by Frances Yate

Your Family & Friends have an important role

In AlzhUp Personal Bank of Memories, you are not alone in your fight against Alzheimer’s. Your family and friends play a key role in your therapy, and thus, they can also help you fulfill your Personal Bank of Memories by uploading, cataloguing and validating memories, while learning with you at the same time about this disease, in a funny and easy way.


Active Participation

Connection to Social Networks

AlzhUp is fully compatible with almost any Social Network. So, you do not have to work twice. You can upload your new memories, or import memories from social networks  to properly catalogue them for your customized therapy.


Import Memories From Facebook

Use the Power of the Cloud

Your Personal Bank of Memories is cloud based. This allows you to store practically unlimited information. Unless our brain, your Personal Bank of Memories doesn’t forget or lose your memories and is always available to you. You can upload photos, videos, songs, books… even in the near future you will be able to store your favorite smells!


Store Options for your PBM