AlzhUp provides special therapies against Alzheimer’s

AlzhUp presents for the first time in digital format the PACID (Integral Cognitive Actuation Program against Dementias), along with other therapies fully customized and scientifically validated.

Digital version of PACID

PACID is a comprehensive program of cognitive stimulation, developed by CRE Salamanca and University of Salamanca, that tries to maintain cognitive functions in the process of deterioration of the patient, preventing behavior problems and providing a basis for the establishment of psycho-educational support programs.

AlzhUp offers for the first time this incredible therapy in a digital format, as well as training for therapist, in order to improve the results and experience of both patient and caregiver.

PACID guide

Complete customized therapies

Thanks to the use of the Personal Bank of Memories, AlzhUp is capable of completely customize your therapies. You are special and you deserve a therapy based on all your key memories. Using your favorite songs, watching photos from yourself  at different ages, remembering special places for you… Your memories are still there and we want to bring them back to you.


Personal Bank of Memories

Scientific Validation

All therapies available in AlzhUp are scientifically validated. We are professionals and we want to be sure we are offering unique and useful therapies to our patients. For this, we do a special effort to validate our therapies in two ways: with traditional methods and by using the latest technology in image diagnosis to let us know in real time what is happening in your brain when using our therapies.


PACID Validation

Future therapies

AlzhUp is a service based on a solid technological platform. This will allow us to implement new therapies in the future, no matter their nature. This way we will offer you a wide range of possibilities, so you can choose the therapy that best suits you: aromatherapy, therapy with animals, food therapy…. Everything is possible in AlzhUp.


Future Therapies